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 Shelby's 1st litter       puppy fun photo's See us from 1-3 weeks old here    Week 4   Week 5   Week 6   Week 7   Week 8


Cuda and Chloe gang up on Hera

Puppies pedigree

Pantheon's Hell on Wheels

Can CH Pantheon's Eternal Spring

Cuda hiding in a pile of toys


CoCo trying to get Anubis off the couch
first day outside!
CoCo and Luna fighting for a toy
Cuda and CoCo playing
Cuda and CoCo vs Anubis
Chloe guarding her toys
Hera and Chloe
Chloe playing with her squeeky toy
Cuda about to pounce on Chloe, with CoCo watching in the background on Jerry's lap!
Cuda and Luna slowing down after a hard play
Cuda stole Hera's favorite toy and is keeping an eye out for her
Shelby under attack from her puppies.
the whole gang sleeping
Luna in the cabinet, she went in there on her own!
CoCo's first week at her new home, she looks tired!
Luna asking Jerry for "permission" to get on the couch!
Chloe fast asleep at her new owners house
Luna taking a breather after a hard play