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     It all started back in 2002, when we decided we wanted a dog. We began searching the different breeds and narrowed it down to the Doberman, Bull Mastiff, and the Boxer. After visiting a few shows we quickly realized that the Doberman and Bull Mastiff were too big for our small house. So we thoroughly investigated the boxer breed. After weighing our options we decided to look at purchasing a male boxer. A friend gave us a breeder to get in touch with and it so happened they just had a litter of eleven. After visiting these pups it didnít take long for a brindle male to choose us.  At 8 weeks old Anubis had some show potential,  the breeders wanted to re-evaluate him at 6 months. We showed him, now 26 inches tall and 60 lbs we quickly found out he was no longer show quality.  Too late we were hooked on showing.

     We decided we needed a dog that could compete. Again we approached the breeders and picked up a beautiful reverse brindle female. A year later we had our first finished Canadian champion with some lessons learned along the way. (owner handling is not easy) So while the show bug continued to bite and we were waiting for Shelby to come into heat, we decided to buy the best bitch available to us. So thanks to a great friend we were introduced to a breeder from Ohio. This time we chose a fiery little brindle girl we named Hera.

     Shelby is now our foundation bitch.  Although Anubis wonít be able to continue his solid temperament and personality through the gene pool,  he has raised Shelby well and will continue to train all future Pantheon puppies. With his size and presence it doesnít take long for a dog to follow him for direction. In closing we would just like to thank all those people who stuck behind us when things got rough. Without these valued friends we would probably  have been one of the fallen statistics. Instead we intend to prove what we are made of and do everything we can to improve this fabulous breed.

 Jerry, Nicole, Anubis, Shelby, Hera and Julian thank you for visiting our website.

Pantheon Boxers

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